Richard & Simon Ford Owners A Wood Shed Darra, QLD RETAIL CASE STUDY #37 Inkredible 1175-29_#37 For more information and membership application call 1300 305 719 Head Office 02 4472 1515 HBT is a buying group for the independent hardware and building materials retailer You keep your independence but still enjoy the benefits of group buying ” “ How long has the business been going? We opened the doors in 1994 but it was really 1999 before we got serious. Who are your customers and where do you trade ? More than 90% of the business is trade and we’ll deliver anywhere in South East Queensland that our customers require. You joined HBT in June 2014 – why? We were reluctant to join a group since we had always been independent. But the beauty of HBT is that you keep your independence but still enjoy the benefits of group buying. How did it go? Well, after the upfront joining fee there is nothing else to pay. Buying improves by at least the amount of the rebates and we’ve seen settlement discounts not previously available to us. Any other comment? We both enjoyed and derived good benefits from being involved in the group conferences. Can people talk to you about this? The number is 07 3375 1726.