Owner – Shane Austin Building Supplies South West Dunsborough WA RETAIL CASE STUDY #23 Inkredible1175-21_#23 For more information and membership application call 1300 305 719 Head Office 02 4472 1515 HBT is a buying group for the independent hardware and building materials retailer My only regret is that I didn’t join five years earlier. ” “ How did you get involved with this business? I’m the truckie that liked it so much I ended up buying it. A local chippy started it in 1994 and I got a job here in 2000 before buying it in 2007. What sort of business is this? Our customers are probably about 80% trade and we deliver about a hundred kilometres around town. You joined HBT in May 2011 – why? Well we could see the advantages for some of our pricing and rebates but as much as anything, with all the changes in our industry, we wanted to be part of something which supports the future for independents. So what would you say to a store looking at HBT membership? It’s a no brainer. My only regret is that I didn’t join five years earlier when the HBT guys first called on us. If a store is interested can they ask you about HBT? The number is 08 9756 8393.