Owners – Patrick and Doug Grimshaw Handyman Timber Sales Heathcote, NSW RETAIL CASE STUDY #22 Inkredible1175-20_#22 For more information and membership application call 1300 305 719 Head Office 02 4472 1515 HBT is a buying group for the independent hardware and building materials retailer The pricing improvements were huge. ” “ How long have the family had this business? Doug started it 35 years ago and Pat started when he used to come in after school or on the weekends to help out. Pat took over day to day management in 2005. What sort of business is this? As you can see, we’re mostly about timber and building products. Plus we also do the usual range of builders hardware. Our customers are all trade. You joined HBT in 2011 – why? We were strong in timber but we knew that in hardware and some other products, we weren’t buying at the right price. A number of our key suppliers suggested we talk to HBT because they thought we’d be better off. So what did membership do for you? Many of the pricing improvements were huge. We were able to lower prices where we needed to and still maintain margin. We immediately became more competitive. Also we love those rebates – they go straight to the bottom line. If someone is interested can they talk to you about HBT? Our number is (02) 9520 8819.