Bostik expands its adhesive range into soft flooring

Bostik expands its adhesive range into soft flooring

Bostik is eyeing the soft flooring market with the objective of securing its leadership position
in the flooring adhesive category. Bostik has enjoyed a market leading position in the hard flooring adhesives market with its Ultraset product range. However, the soft flooring adhesive market represented an opportunity for Bostik to further cement its market position.

Bostik Laybond
Bostik Laybond is a new range of professional soft flooring adhesives that bonds everything from carpet tiles to underlays, fibre, linoleum, vinyl sheet and LVT products. In addition to the technical capabilities of the product; the Bostik Laybond range has a long shelf life of 24 months across all five products. Each product comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate both the DIY market and the professional tradie market.

Laybond_Carpet_15kgModern design trends and the wide number of soft flooring options available on the market today, saw a requirement for its own specialist adhesive. The flagship product in the range is Bostik Laybond ‘Carpet’, a synthetic resin designed to produce an excellent initial grab to a variety of substrates. It is suitable for most carpets and has the added advantage of low VOC.

Bostik Laybond ‘Carpet Tile Tackifier’ is a dispersion adhesive that has been designed to remain permanently tacky when dry and is made for the laying of carpet tile materials. Bostik Laybond ‘HT’ is a high temperature adhesive, which has been formulated for laying soft flooring adhesive in areas where varying temperatures are experienced. It is ideal for areas of high solar gain and under-floor heating.

Bostik Laybond ‘Pressure Sensitive’ is the ultimate adhesive for resilient floor coverings. This water based, solvent free formula maintains a permanent high tack and has been specifically made for pressure sensitive adhesion from homogenous PVC/vinyl to non-absorbent subfloors. Bostik Laybond ‘Vinyl’ is a high strength adhesive for vinyl and floor coverings which produces a high level of tack with low plasticizer migration.

So the next time your customer is looking to lay down soft flooring, you have the confidence to know that the Bostik Laybond range is made for any soft flooring project, big or small.

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Bostik Laybond ‘Carpet’ is suitable for most carpets. Bostik Laybond ‘Pressure Sensitive’ is the ultimate adhesive for resilient floor coverings.