A new level of extreme cutting performance from PFERD

A new level of extreme cutting performance from PFERD

Cut off wheels have an important role to play in industrial, trade and DIY applications, and if your customers are working with metal, they probably understand the importance of a good cutting wheel.

PFERD 1_webHowever, if your customers thought all metal cut-off wheels performed the same, they should think again. Buying a cheap wheel does not mean they are saving money. In fact, they will probably find cheap wheels can be unsafe and cost more, when compared to a PFERD wheel. Cut-off wheels can be very dangerous and even fatal if used incorrectly. Don’t place your customers or their workers at risk with cheap unsafe wheels.

Workers need a wheel they can rely on. The improved PFERD one millimetre cut off range performs and lasts much longer, according to the company, which then leads to fewer wheel changes, less downtime and more cuts. Other advantages include reduced burr formation and less material wastage. This will ultimately save your customers time and money.

These wheels are perfect for cutting INOX stainless steel and mild steel. The best way to describe the PFERD 1.0mm cut-off wheels is ‘Xtreme cutting performance’. The range is also available in several sizes from; 105mm (4”), 115mm (4.5”) and 125mm (5”).

PFERD is a German family owned company with a history spanning over 200 years and is the principal brand for the development, production, support and distribution of surface finishing and material cutting products.
Servicing the Australian market for over 34 years, PFERD Australia offers a national service, decentralised national warehousing, technical support, product training and much more.
PFERD products offer maximum benefit and cost effectiveness and PFERD is recognised for its depth of range, with the global PFERD product range including more than 7,500 products for differing applications. Over 95 per cent of the range is also now manufactured by PFERD production plants around world.
PFERD Australia stocks over 3,500 products including: files, burrs, fine finishing, polishing wire to cutting, grinding and more.
The PFERDERGONOMICS® program aims at the long-term reduction of dust, noise and vibration levels produced by abrasive products, while also increasing user comfort and preventing the impairment of health, even under tough working conditions.
PFERDEFFICIENCY® also offers innovative high performance abrasive product solutions with outstanding added value. This achieves great results in the shortest time and saves on energy and reduces costly waste, improves end user productivity and cost savings.
As a longstanding member of OSA, the OSA label certifies that a given product has been manufactured to the most stringent standards in force anywhere in the world today. PFERD grinding and abrasive cut-off wheels also carry the ‘OSA’ label.
For more information visit: www.pferd.com