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Parking: the fast lane to success

Parking areas are the poor cousins of many hardware store complexes — the “outsiders” in a collective dominated by Interior Design, Stock Selection, Merchandising and Pricing.

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Looks at the AHMA Trade Show in Chicago, Hardware Imports boom in China and Mitre 10 provides a sneak preview of Mega.

Spread the “faux” word

DIYers are displaying a new-found adventurism in their painting projects — different and unusual “faux” effects are now in high demand…

Newsletter Articles

A New Strategy For Home Depot

American retailing giant, Home Depot, recently announced plans to double its business before 2010. Crucial to its strategy is…

Blacktown “delivers”

Most successful trade-oriented retailers spend a lot of time delivering hardware directly to worksites — but few businesses…

Get an edge!

Most sophisticated gardens are defined by crisp, discrete borders of one kind or another. Now an Australian company has released…