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Newsletter Articles

Philmac wins awards at CRT National Conference

Leading Australian specialist pipe fittings manufacturer Philmac has continued its exceptional record with the CRT group, winning two awards at CRT’s national conference in Sydney.

Brickworks Limited Acquires Whitsunday Concrete and Block

Brickworks Limited has acquired Whitsunday Concrete & Block as part its expansion into the Queensland concrete masonry market. Mr Ross Dallimore has been appointed Queensland general manager, responsible for Austral Bricks and Austral Masonry.

Hoover Changes Hands

Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries (TTI) has acquired the century old Hoover line for US$107 million from Whirlpool.

First Point for Danks

Danks are very proud of their reputation of providing the best customer service in the industry. Building on that reputation, they have implemented the First Point customer service team with the sole aim of delivering exceptional service first and every time a customer calls.

Magazine Articles

The British Are Coming…

Two UK firms beginning to dominate retailing in developing countries. Bob Vereen reports…

Buildex Fasteners Pass The Test

From humble origins 90 years ago as a backyard operation (trading for many years as W.A. Deutsher) to its current place as an industry leader in construction fasteners, Buildex has always strived to attain the highest standards of innovation and quality. From ground breaking quality control methods in the early sixties to award winning Hi-Teks® self drilling screws in the eighties, Buildex continues this trend today with its advanced line of corrosion resistant fasteners.

Selling Solutions

With a plethora of entrants bringing new and added value to the hardware market, sales agencies are becoming more relevant than ever. Thomas Prince takes a closer look at these third party operators and at how they can help your bottom line.

Cyclone/FH Prager Competition Winners

Two very lucky winners in the Cyclone / FH Prager Ute and Boat competition walked away with a Ford Falcon XLS Ute and a Quintrex 435 Coast Runner boating package, worth around $60,000.

Quell Helps The Community

In a promotion with a Queensland radio station, Quell provided 300 personal panic alarms to help keep people safe when walking and jogging.

Archur Gardenware Announces New Initiatives

Having spent a good two years actively listening to the Australian market place, Archur is pleased to announce several new initiatives.

HPM And Auto-Motion Launch Racing Venture

HPM Industries and Auto-Motion have launched a new partnership to be known as HPM Racing to challenge for Supremacy in the 2007 Fujitsu V8 Supercar Development Series.

Mitre 10 Qld Warehouse Move

After 26 years at Rocklea, Mitre 10 is set to relocate its Queensland distribution centre to a new warehouse site in Acacia Ridge.