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The quiet achievers

It is easy to write off a store like Gingin Trading. Located in an agricultural town 92 kilometres north of Perth, it caters to a fairly remote population of about 4500 – what you would hardly call critical mass. The store owners, husband-and-wife team of Leonard and Moyra Choules, come across as laidback country folks, whose unaffected demeanours fit the mould of an early-retiring couple tending a store in a…

At your retail service

Maintaining cost-effectiveness and a nimble response to the evolving demands of the marketplace are requisites for survival in any industry. In this regard, small to medium-sized businesses trying to secure a foothold in Australia’s $40 billion hardware industry are facing unprecedented challenges.

Maximise your wood fire

Nothing beats the winter blues better than a crackling fireplace where everyone can cosy up with mugs of hot chocolate. Of course, the experience can sometimes be marred by a smoky fireplace, which causes can be many, from a bad chimney design to inadequate air circulation. Enter SmartBurn, an award-winning invention that not only halves your smoke emissions, it produces up to 17 per cent more heat from your fire.