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For information on Home Hardware partnering with Guide Dogs Australia, a legislation trap for renovators and Home Depot targets China.

Stirring Innovations in Paint Disposal

What to do with the left over paint after completing the job is a perennial problem. Jeff Pura, Director of Tammura Colours and Handycan Products, delved into this age-old issue…

1 Store, 2 Stores, 3 Stores—More!

Multi-store ownership is a growing, readily identifiable trend in many of the world’s retail sectors. Will single-store hardware operators soon be “out-numbered”?

Newsletter Articles

America’s Diverse Marketplace

The American hardware industry is made up of many different players. Bob Vereen takes a look at who is leading the pack…

The Tassie Independent

Lloyd Pegus has created a flourishing timber and hardware business in Burnie, Tasmania, by “fiercely and jealously” protecting his independence…

Give Oil Spills the Slip!

Oil spills are unsightly and dangerous hazards around our homes and communities. But spillage and disposal problems are solvable—all you need is a dose of Sokerol…