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Manufacturing in China: Costs Uncovered

Sean O’Sullivan, owner of Empower Productivity Consultancy, gives AHJ readers valuable insight into the differences between the Australian and Chinese manufacturing and the opportunities in both countries.

Tipster Marketing Tips

The key to managing your marketing strategy in these difficult times is to be more proactive and if possible reduce the costs of the marketing at the same time. Is this possible? The answer is a resounding yes.

New Recochem / Diggers website

Recochem Inc has recently launched a new website The site features several hundred products across the industrial, trading, automotive and consumer markets and features product data sheets, MSDS’s, frequently asked questions and more.

Magazine Articles

Credit Card Rates – What Should You Be Paying?

As we retailers batten down the hatches ahead of the Global Financial Crisis we know we have to look at costs.One obvious area to look at is the cost associated with credit and debit card providers. Are you getting the best deal possible?

Art Freedman’s ‘Nuggets’: Part II

Art Freedman is a prominent expert in the hardware industry. Though perhaps better known on his home turf of the US, he recently visited Australia to present a series of business seminars and workshops for retailers looking for the good oil. In this, the second part of our series, Art shares his top tips and tricks to help boost sales volumes and make making money easy.

Another Milestone for Karcher

As Karcher celebrates its 25th birthday, and the 25th birthday of the first domestic pressure cleaner, it is time to reflect on this iconic company’s impact on the Australian industry. Renowned for its investment into R&D, Karcher has launched product after product – all of which are acclaimed by retailers and end users.