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Dulux Demerger

DuluxGroup listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on July 12, completing its long awaited demerger from Orica. Shares traded on a deferred settlement basis, with normal trading commencing on July 22. The shares finished the day trading at $2.54, valuing the company at $915 million after 99% of shareholder votes were cast in favour of the split.

Woolworths Ipswich Store

Woolworths and its US joint partner, Lowe’s, announced Ipswich in Queensland as their latest site location in their impending battle to wrestle market share from its hardware rivals. The announcement was made on June 23, with construction to start in August or September in the hope that it will be ready for opening during the second half of 2011.

New Home Members

Four independent retailers have recently moved their business across to the Home Timber and Hardware group.

Magazine Articles

The Spring Paint Sale

There’s more than one way to improve your profits from paint sales, reports Peter Cox. As we come into spring the weather becomes warmer, flowers blossom, customers come out of their winter hibernation and paint retailers discount paint. When you discount paint, you should increase sales. Unfortunately, you will probably not increase profits. Why? Because you will not sell enough paint to generate the same gross profit that you were making before the price cut.

Top Deck

Timber decking areas can add value to a home, but it’s important to choose the right fixings, reports Des Ebejer

Something’s a Mess

In major cities across the country, bigger houses are being built on blocks that are shrinking. One problem that has remained constant, however, is where to store all the ‘stuff’ that we accumulate. Often, it’s the garage that’s given the job, so AHJ canvassed five companies about their garage storage solutions.