Newsletter Articles

Fletcher’s Board Nod

Crane Group’s board has recommended shareholders to accept a sweetened bid from Fletcher Building for the ASX-listed group.

K&D Acquires Brewster

K&D has acquired Brewster, the Tasmanian building supplies business, in a deal worth $7.8 million.

Woolworths’ Bunnings Complaint

Woolworths chief Michael Luscombe confirmed that his company has lodged a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over Bunnings’ conduct.

Magazine Articles

Good Wood

Timber merchants have thus far been reluctant to apply for Chain of Custody certification. They may soon have no choice.

Ordering for the Mother Load

With Mother’s Day approaching and women said to be driving sales in hardware stores across the country, AHJ looks at female-friendly tool offerings.

Choose Wisely

Choosing the right tool for the job sounds simple, but is it? Charlotte Bull reports.