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Australia’s challenging timber supply

FWPA (Forest and Wood Products Australia) Program Manager, Jim Houghton, recently spoke at the MGA/TMA (Timber Merchants Australia & Master Grocers Association) lunch, giving a run-down on the demand of timber supply in Australia, which remains at capacity, and his thoughts on how increasing demand will be met in the future.

Smart homes reduce cost of living

As the cost of electricity and gas continues to rise, it is no surprise that smart devices – particularly those that assist with the automation of heating, cooling and lighting – are becoming more and more popular. Now more than ever it seems there is a new generation of homebuyers, who have spent much of their lives using smart devices and are demanding the development of smart home environments.

Retail focus: C&L Tool Centre 50 years in the making

Established 50 years ago this year, C&L Tool Centre in Brisbane attributes its longevity to continually evolving its business by moving with the times.