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Convenience and safety – key drivers in the smart home space

The latest smart home gadgets are continually maintaining consumers’ interest, with connected products that can track a home’s consumption of gas, electricity and water becoming the latest products to take off within this sector. Amazon has recently jumped on board this growing trend by creating an energy dashboard that not only monitors a home’s use of energy but turns off devices to reduce on-going costs. However, it is the original smart home sectors that maintain a slow burn for hardware retailers.

Power tool specialists set to outgrow demand

There is no question the Australian power tool industry is highly competitive – not only due to the huge number of brands that service this market, but also the increasing competition between specialist tool retailers. Industry groups now question what this fierce competition will mean for tool specialists in the future. Will the market become so flooded that it may no longer serve as a viable business for tool specialist groups?

Timber Focus: Ramiens Timber – From sawmill to award winning timber merchant

Awarded TABMA Australia’s ‘Best Timber Merchant 2015-2017’, Ramiens Timber has operated within its local area of Western New South Wales since 1960, offering its customers specialty products as well as a one stop shop for residential and commercial projects. Today the business is well known for its quality products and expansive offer on-site, however it has not always been smooth sailing for the Ramien family.