Newsletter Articles

“No Junk Mail” Blues

Take a walk up your street and see how many “No Junk Mail” placards are stuck prominently on letterboxes…

Two Awards for Magnet Mart

The Timber and Building Materials Association of NSW (TABMA) presented Magnet Mart, Goulburn, with the Exceptional Customer Service Award at…

Winning Women

In an exciting new initiative between Winners Recruitment and Womensport and Recreation Victoria (WSRV), a program is being launched…

The Hard Word

It seems to me that many hardware retailers don’t think very clearly about the group they belong to.

Identification Please

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming an essential tool in the kit of retailers, distributors, suppliers and freighters worldwide.

Newsletter Articles

SEARS – A Giant In Transition

American retailing underwent a surprising change late last year, when Sears merged with Kmart.

Second Store: First-Rate Idea

There are two ways to enlarge a hardware business – expand the existing store until it bursts at the seams, or start a new store in virgin territory.

Turning Steel into Butter

A product for cutting steel may seem a little “out of left field” for a company like Triton Manufacturing & Design, which has a strong history in woodworking…