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Ads on the Asphalt

Mention the word “advertising” to most hardware store operators, and the immediate thought is “How much will it cost?”

News Stories for July

Mitre 10 launches their Mega Store, retailer living in the fast lane and John Danks & Sons are rolling out their Code Blue.

“Grey” water: a clear winner

Grey water—or the wastewater from showers, baths, washing machines and other household utilities—has suddenly gained attention as a tremendous “untapped resource”!

Newsletter Articles

A Comparison of the Giants

Bob Vereen investigates the differences – and similarities – between the two giants of American retailing, Home Depot and Lowes.

From State Manager to Storeowner…

Since leaving his job as State Retail Manager (NSW) for The Laminex Group, Jason Waddell has discovered that…

Water Worm is Good for the Garden

Rigid-walled, bulky rainwater tanks have their place, but a new product from Coolaroo—the Water Worm—is a…