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Sutton Tools 90 Years On

Australian manufacturing has changed in many ways since W.H. (Henry) Sutton started thread grinding tools in 1917. One thing that hasn’t changed in 90 years is Sutton Tools’ commitment to locally manufacturing export quality cutting tools and the Sutton family roots.

Business Grants: Funding For Your Business

A whole range of incentives are available to assist small businesses but owners are often unaware of what is out there…

2007 National Hardware Show Report

Innovative new products were one of the main attractions at the 2007 National Hardware Show. Bob Vereen reports…

Crescent – 100 Years Of Quality & Innovation

In commemoration of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Crescent brand, a limited edition Crescent Anniversary tool range has been released offering exciting products with fantastic bonuses and value added packs. 100 Years is a long time for any product or brand to successfully exist and Crescent has continued over the years to offer quality and innovation in hand tools to its customers. Many people would not be aware of the important role that the Crescent Wrench has played in memorable historic events.

55th Birthday Celebrations For Australia’s Iconic Bailey Ladder

Since 1952, Bailey has been proudly manufacturing ladders in Australia and has become a firm favourite of the nation’s tradespeople and safety conscious home users. Hills Industries’ Product Manager for Ladders, Mr Chris Mayo, said Bailey – a Hills Industries company – had firmly established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of ladders for domestic, trade and industrial use.

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World Of Opportunity

The drought has affected just about everyone – even your humble assistant editor has resorted to showering with the aid of a timer and a spacious bucket for his pot plants. With water restrictions varying across the whole country retailers are facing a considerable challenge. Indeed, some are doing it very tough, but for others the drought can represent an opportunity. Tom Prince speaks to a selection of those ‘in the know’ about how the drought can be chance for diversification and expansion…

Incentives For Mid-Career Apprentices

Older apprentices have a lot to offer. Sometimes a bit of help is all they need. Sue Kent from MEGT explains…

Product, Place, Price: Technology Reshaping Retail

The business of retailing has many faces and is generally perceived as dynamic and ever changing. Indeed, technology has changed the customer facing side of retailing significantly, first with EFTPOS and then with on-line shopping. Chad Gates from Pronto Software has the story…