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Hardware Journal Welcomes a new Editor

Last month, the Hardware Journal waved farewell to Thomas Prince. Thomas carved a niche in the industry during his tenure with the magazine and will be missed. We are sure you will join us in wishing him all the best for his future endeavours. Australian Hardware Journal’s new editor, Peta Temple, is no stranger to the hardware industry.

Magazine Articles

Art Freedman’s ‘Nuggets’: Part I

Legendary US hardware man Art Freedman recently visited Australia to present several workshops aimed at helping independent store owners improve their business. In this two part article Art shares some of his favourite ‘nuggets’ – ideas that will help retailers improve their bottom line, make their operation more efficient and “ultimately help them make more money.”

Life As Carbon Tradies

Last year the Federal Government released a white paper outlining its policy on what Australia can do to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) lies at the core of the Government’s policy. Brian Welch explains.

Doing Business In China

China is a lucrative new market for Australian enterprises seeking to survive the economic downturn.