Australian Hardware Journal June 2023


Timber Update June 2023

China’s announcement to lift its quarantine ban on Australian timber imports has been widely welcomed. The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) openly welcomed the news of the ban removal that has been in place for more than two years now.


Abrasives industry sharpens up with new technologies

New abrasive technologies are being developed through the use of innovative materials, while also meeting a rising demand within the market.


Trending tools tempt trades

The hand, power and trade tools sector continues to innovate and excite its users, with light-weight tools and high-powered batteries growing this space despite a slight slowing of the building sector post-COVID.


Bolts & Moore’s great re-ordering system revolution

Throughout the pandemic most industrial independents found that the unprecedented demand in sales was more than enough to keep them busy in 2020 and 2021. Instead of simply treading water throughout COVID, tools and construction supply specialists, Bolts & Moore implemented an innovative SRS (Stock Replenishment System) in an effort to effectively customise the way its customers purchase from the business.