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Philmac Wins Awards At CRT National Conference

Leading Australian specialist pipe fittings manufacturer Philmac has continued its exceptional record with the CRT group, winning two awards at CRT’s national conference in Sydney.

Brickworks Limited Acquires Whitsunday Concrete & Block

Brickworks Limited has acquired Whitsunday Concrete & Block as part its expansion into the Queensland concrete masonry market. Mr Ross Dallimore has been appointed Queensland general manager, responsible for Austral Bricks and Austral Masonry.

Hoover Changes Hands

Hong Kong-based Techtronic Industries (TTI) has acquired the century old Hoover line for US$107 million from Whirlpool.

First Point For Danks

Danks are very proud of their reputation of providing the best customer service in the industry. Building on that reputation, they have implemented the First Point customer service team with the sole aim of delivering exceptional service first and every time a customer calls.

Magazine Articles

Under New Management

Home Depot is getting back to basics under Frank Blake, its new CEO. Bob Vereen reports…

Understanding Capital Gains Tax

Anyone running their own business will appreciate the build up of wealth within the business as it matures and succeeds. For some small business owners, this build up of wealth may be the only savings they have for retirement. David Maloney explains…

Bring the Outdoors In

Making the most of Australia’s temperate climate with an indoor/outdoor living area in an increasing trend. The key is to blur the lines between inside and outside, creating a seamless living area that is partly open to the elements. Here, we look at some of the items that help to create a successful indoor/outdoor living area including the kitchen, doors, floors, furniture and lighting…