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Building materials sector drives ‘safety first’

Suppliers in the Australian building materials sector are now, more than ever, working to ensure leading health issues within the industry are being addressed and the correct precautions are being taken – from the removal of asbestos, to the prevention of silicosis, and the right building materials utilised within bushfire zones.

COVID-19 causes dust mask shortages

The world awaits a vaccine for COVID-19 coronavirus, but in the meantime many people are choosing to protect themselves from infection by purchasing dust masks and respirators, leading to chronic shortages of supply. But do all masks protect against viruses? And are tradespeople able to get sufficient supplies?

Retail Focus: Permewans wins IHG’s HT&H Store of the Year Award

When Denise and Paul Bast originally bought their Thrifty-Link store in 2002, little did they know that 19 years on they would win IHG’s (Independent Hardware Group’s) Home Timber & Hardware Store of the Year Award, after completely transforming the store.