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Your brand is showing

There’s nothing outstanding about Total Tools Thebarton when you compare it to the other 35 stores in the franchise family, and that’s exactly the way owner Greg Heath likes it. Although the two-year old suburban store is Adelaide’s biggest professional tools retailer boasting more than 6,000 lines, spread across a massive floor space of 2000+ sqm.

Fasteners speeding ahead

Fasteners represent a fast-moving, high margin bread and butter line for many hardware retailers. A competitive supplier landscape ensures these products are also always technologically sound with plenty of service available.

Sharkskin keeps miners warm

Working in wet conditions amplifies the cold as water draws heat from the body many times faster than air. Combine this with wind and the chill factor can be unbearable. Constant exposure to moisture can be a major issue for skin problems and potential infection. One of the greatest avoidable risks in the workplace is exposure to cold and wet conditions. Underground mining is often cold, wet and windy, a recipe for potential problems. Problems that until now there have been few effective solutions.