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Ship It!

Hardware manufacturers and suppliers, particularly those companies with few product lines, generally consider the export market to be out of bounds.

Theft, Robbery, Shoplifting, Fraud: Big Crime in Small Business

Retailers generally think of crimes as occasional and sickening aberrations, but the reality is that almost half of all business operators are victims of crime every year…

2004 NSW Hardware Industry Awards

Nearly 400 industry representatives attended the 2004 NSW Hardware Industry Awards held on October 30 at Sydney’s Superdome.

AHMA Hardware Show is No Go

The 2005 American Hardware Manufacturers Association Hardware Show scheduled to be held in Chicago in April, is not going ahead.

Home Depot Opens Manhattan Store

Home Depot has opened the first of two stores in Manhattan.

Newsletter Articles

Installing Success

Installation services, or ‘do it for me’ is the new battleground for two of America’s home centre giants…

United We Expand

The recently opened United Mitre 10 Home & Trade store in Albion Park, south of Wollongong, is designed to be the first of many Mitre 10 stores in the “United” stable…

Lightning Clamp® Grips the Market

A new Australian invention is set to “take a tight hold” of the DIY/Professional clamp market…