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Feature Article: TRADER TENANCY

Michael Lonie, the Australian Retailers Association’s tenancy expert, has some tips for tenants… In recent months, a number of members who have elected not to renew their leases in shopping centres due to the unreasonable expectations of the landlord as to what the rent will be for the new lease, have been confronted with what should happen at the end of a lease.

News Article: Wal-Mart Buys Chinese Chain

Wal-Mart Stores Inc has agreed to acquire a hypermarket chain in China for about $1 billion, according to people familiar with the transaction, in a deal that could give the world’s largest retailer the biggest food and department store network in China.

News Article: Worx Releases Cordless Quartet

Portability and convenience are the hallmarks of Danks’ 18 Volt four-piece cordless power tool set by Worx. The all-in-one set is perfect for virtually any job around the home or on the work site.

News Article: Eye Safety Ignored

An Optometrists Association Australia survey of 1,200 people has revealed that over 70% of people do not bother to protect their eyes when doing routine tasks, repairs or improvements at home. Australians are risking their eyesight by wearing prescription spectacles or sunglasses as a substitute for proper eye protection when carrying out ‘DIY’ activities, according to the new research. Grinding and welding related activities are the most common eye related injuries, accounting for 29% of presentations to hospitals and GPs. Despite the high number of eye injures, an alarming 44% of all people surveyed said they wore sunglasses or prescription spectacles instead of safety goggles when welding.

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Building Materials

Do you know someone who has used a wood saw to cut anything but wood, or hit in a screw with a hammer, rather than using a screwdriver? If so, you might like to read this story…