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Bait Advertising

The ACCC has some advice on the perils of retailers using ‘bait’ advertising… What is bait advertising? Bait advertising generally occurs when a business advertises goods at a certain price but does not have a reasonable supply of the goods for customers to buy.

MEGA opens in Pakenham

Pakenham (Vic) on the outer south-eastern fringe of Melbourne is now home to the latest Mitre 10 MEGA.

Magazine Articles

Copping A Spray

The NSW Government is introduction legislation to control the sale of spray cans which could have serious ramifications for retailers… From November 1, 2006 the NSW government plans to impose further restrictions on the sale of spray cans, with substantial penalties for non-compliance.

Will Sears Survive

Once America’s largest and most successful retailer, now Sears is being evaluated by some observers as a firm which might not survive. Bob Vereen reports…

A Family Affair

Porters Home and Building Centre is one of the largest hardware operations in Australia and is constantly evolving…