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Building a Brighter Future

The hardware industry has undergone several metamorphoses over the past century, but perhaps never to the extent that we are currently experiencing. Natbuild CEO Frank Cordi gazes into his crystal ball to outline his vision for the future.

Hardy Competitors

Hardware stores have weathered the economic storm better than the Big Box home centres, according to a NRHA survey.

Magazine Articles

Sizzling Sales Insight

Summer is almost here and blokes around the country are thinking about sizzling a steak or slipping a prawn on the barbie. As a retailer, that means they might be coming through your door, so it pays to find out what they’re likely to be looking for.

Touchy Feely

Move over whites, neutrals and greys! The forecast for wall fashion is that consumers will be painting using bold splashes of colour and exciting textures.

Scrub the Decks

Home owners around Australia will be thinking about preparing their decking areas for summer. We asked Cabot’s Brand Manager, Natalie van den Akker, about the steps they should take.