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Global megatrends infiltrate garden and outdoor living markets

A growing awareness of potential risks to consumer health and the natural environment, from the use of chemicals in agriculture, has now infiltrated into Australian homes and gardens and become a mainstream consumer concern.

Fasteners: Going back to basics in a downturn

There is no shortage of alarming topics in the business press at the moment, from housing downturns to retail recessions and trade wars. In this context, writes John Power, tried and true retail principles like stocking large product ranges are more vital than ever.

Retail focus: Second generation boosts family business

The newly branded ‘yousta’ has undergone significant change recently, after the formerly named VIP Fastening Systems was taken over by one of its three directors, Sam Jooste. With the help of Sam’s daughters, Sally and Jill, the CSS member is now making a name for itself via its online channel, as well as instore.