12,000 tonnes of wood boost WA building

by | Nov 25, 2021

The Western Australian Government has made way for an additional 12,000 tonnes of structural pine to be made available for the Western Australian timber manufacturing industry and the state’s building and construction sector over the next three months, Forestry Minister Dave Kelly announced.

The Western Australia Recovery Plan has supported an unprecedented boom in Western Australia’s building and construction sector. At the same time, a global shortage of structural timber has limited the importation of pine into Western Australia.

In the past, the Western Australia softwood processing industry supplied approximately 65 per cent of pine products to the state’s housing and construction market. The remaining demand was met by imported timber from eastern states or overseas. 

The Government, through the Forest Products Commission (FPC), has arranged for the supply of an additional 12,000 tonnes of Western Australian grown softwood logs to be brought forward from future supply commitments to help meet the current increase in demand for timber in local construction.

In the coming weeks, the FPC will begin deliveries of additional timber to Wespine Industries, with Wespine commencing distribution to the marketplace after processing.

Building and construction industry body Master Builders Western Australia has recently highlighted a shortage of softwood needed to complete current building projects and has worked closely with the Government and Wespine to increase timber supply.

The FPC will supply the softwood logs from its south-western radiata pine plantations to Wespine over the next three months. To ensure fair distribution, the timber will be used to fulfil backorders for Wespine’s Western Australian customers and made available on their current price list.

The WA Government’s recent announcement of a record $350 million investment in expanding Western Australia’s softwood plantations will provide at least an additional 33,000 hectares of softwood timber plantation and assist in future supply in the coming years.

Forestry Minister Dave Kelly said the West Australian building and construction industry is booming and it is fantastic to support the industry with locally grown pine.

“The global shortage of structural pine reinforces how important it is for Western Australia to have a sustainable, long-term and local supply of this critical resource. The McGowan Government’s record $350 million expansion of WA’s pine plantations will secure long-term supply and ensure we have a sustainable timber industry for the future,” Minister Kelly said.