620 years of collective service revisit Hyne

by | Jan 12, 2024

Eighteen retired Hyne team members recently got together to reminisce while touring through Hyne’s Glue Laminated Timber plant and Tuan Sawmill near Maryborough.

Yvonne Loveday, Angela Pappin, Chris Robertson and John McDonald.

Collectively, the group represented approximately 620 years of service, with one retiree, Kev Davies, having individually served for 50 years.

Host and fifth-generation Hyne family member, James Hyne, said it was a real pleasure to take the group through the operations and acknowledge the many changes, improvements, and efficiencies over the years.

“Having worked in the company myself for over forty years, I have worked with all these retirees and enjoy keeping in contact,” James said.

“I see many of them around Maryborough and it was in conversation with Glue Laminated Timber plant retiree [of 37 years], Dale Green, that he informed me he had never in his life been to our Tuan Mill.”

“This got us talking about arranging a full tour of both Glulam and Tuan and getting many of the long-serving retirees together,” James said.

The group enjoyed a BBQ lunch and all sorts of tales were remembered and shared both about the sites as well as more socially with the observation made that it was nice to catch up and not be at a funeral.

“In addition to the social catch up, the new Continuous Drying Kiln at Tuan and the new automated glue laminated timber plant with huge press, and timber structure, were certainly highlights of the tour that most attendees had not seen before,” James said.

Rachael Halley, Glulam Site Support Officer, said the tour had made her day.

“It was so lovely to see them all and it shows how long I have been around as I knew every single one of them and admit I shed a few tears saying goodbye to them.”

Hearing about Hyne ‘back in the day’ and sharing stories, was for existing team members as well as retirees, further added value for everyone. With several long-standing retirees unable to be contacted, Hyne Timber intends to host similar tours including more opportunities for social interaction in the future.

Front Row L-R: David Lightbody, Carol McDougall, Wayne Hay, Paul Robinson, Yvonne Loveday, Ian Harvey, Noel Puller, Chris Hyne, Kevin Davies, Chris Robertson. Second Row L-R: James Hyne, Terry Baker, David Bennetts, Mal Katchel, Dale Green, Jon Kleinschmidt, Russ Smith, Angela Pappin, John McDonald, Brian Sellke, Kelly Hyne, Dave McInnes.