ARA’s new platform gets into recruitment game

by | May 11, 2021

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) recently released a brand-new recruitment system for the retail industry.

The ARA Talent Registry has the ability to assist stores in hiring the right candidate dealing with the retail hiring requirements that have risen due to COVID — including an increasing need for eCommerce professionals.

According to the ARA, the system will remove bias and lower recruitment costs.

ARA Chief Executive Officer, Paul Zahra stated that the Registry joins the organisation’s portfolio of services and also includes a training institute.

“The retail market is undergoing an incredible transformation. COVID has accelerated a decade worth of trends and as such dynamic new roles are emerging. Hiring the right people at the beginning ensures better retention rates which is a huge costs saver for all businesses,” he said.

“The data science behind the ARA Talent Registry is extraordinary, as it guides employers to the right type of candidate for any type of particular role by matching them on the required abilities, qualifications and organisational fit. It then ranks them them whether they are a direct applicant  or pulled from the pool of available job seekers.”

“The ARA is now a one stop shop for retail training as well as recruiting, with the Ability Computer registry joining the ARA Retail Institute – a registered training organisation – in our portfolio of services” Mr Zahra said.

Jewellery retailer Pandora has already used the service and has applauded its qualities.

“We are very fortunate that Pandora continues to attract strong applicants for our advertised roles, which can mean large volumes of resumes and cover letters to examine,” Pandora Human Resources Director Shaun Ruming said.

“To understand if an applicant fits our culture and values we use targeted interview questions, success profiles and screening guides to match a candidate. The ARA Talent Registry allowed us to digitalise our review process which improved our productivity and saved us a lot of time.

“The platform also provided us a more considered and scientific technique for Human Resources and line managers to match up a candidate’s overall attributes throughout the application process.”

“This has given us greater confidence in ensuring the candidates we take forwards for a shotlist have the right cultural fit to be successful at Pandora prospects we take onward for a shortlist have the ideal cultural fit to be effective at Pandora,” he said.

The ARA’s Talent registry is offered to all companies, employees and also job seekers.

ARA employer members are offered a discount to make use of the service and list vacancies.