Australian Made & ICN join forces

by | Oct 25, 2021

The Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) has welcomed Industry Capability Network (ICN) as an Australian Made Industry Partner, in support of a shared commitment to increase growth in Australia’s commercial and manufacturing sectors.   

ICN provides manufacturers with connections, contacts and advice to help unlock opportunities across Australia and globally. At the heart of ICN is ICN Gateway, which introduces manufacturers, big and small, to projects of all sizes across Australia and New Zealand. The ICN Gateway is a platform that helps Australian manufacturers access new opportunities with buyers, government and market analysts.

By creating a profile listing on ICN Gateway, Australian Made licensees can be listed on a publicly searchable database, search project opportunities and submit expressions of interest for individual project opportunities. This database also provides a hub for project owners to identify potential suppliers, including Aussie manufacturers.

Australian Made Chief Executive Officer, Ben Lazzaro believes it has never been more important for Australian manufacturers to be supported, especially when venturing into new projects and markets.

“With a renewed focus on bringing manufacturing back to Australia, the ICN Gateway provides local manufacturers with the opportunity to access new projects and expand their offering into new markets. Australian manufacturers produce products to some of the highest quality standards in the world. This partnership works to promote these Aussie makers and help them leverage their Aussie credentials both here and overseas,” Mr Lazzaro said.

With a number of ICN subscribers already proudly showcasing the iconic green and gold Australian Made logo on their ICN Gateway business profile, the establishment of a formal industry partnership works to foster a stronger local manufacturing environment.

ICN Limited Executive Director Warren Jansen, noted that ICN’s core purpose lay in its desire to provide local manufacturers an array of opportunities to grow and expand.

“Since being created over 30 years ago, ICN have helped local manufacturers find over $30 billion worth of contracts to keep them working and growing. This partnership strengthens our work in fostering and supporting local manufacturers, ensuring the Australian manufacturing sector continues to be a driver of economic growth in Australia,” he said.

Australian Made looks forward to supporting ICN and its subscribers with improved access to Australia’s most recognised, trusted and widely used country of origin symbol – the Australian Made logo. The third-party accreditation system ensures products that carry the logo are certified as ‘authentically Australian’.

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