Australia’s tallest building to be developed in Southport

by | Sep 7, 2022

Southport building

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Escalating construction costs and crippling labour shortages have caused billions of dollars worth of projects to be shelved recently, but the Gold Coast has high hopes for plans to build the tallest tower.

A Melbourne consortium has laid plans for Australia’s tallest building after the lodgement of a development application for a “vertical neighbourhood” twin-tower project on the Gold Coast.

The proposed development comprises two slim towers connected by a bridge on the 22nd floor, with the taller of the two towers reaching a height close to 400 metres, dwarfing the Q1 in Surfers Paradise which is the country’s current tallest high-rise at 322.5 metres.

The proposal comes just five weeks after one of the Gold Coast’s oldest retail centres, Australia Fair, revealed plans for a $50 million makeover, and Queen Street Village’s opening. The proposed development would create up to 12,693 square metres of office space for 500 workers and 197 residential units, with plans for the sky bridge to feature a restaurant.

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The construction of the towers is projected at $400 million and is expected to create an estimated 1,000 jobs during the development and is set to become the most significant new development in the city for more than a decade. The new development will also feature a photoelectric solar cell wall on the western-facing side which will harness energy to provide for reuse within the apartment building.

The consortium overseeing the proposal includes Melbourne-based Baracon, funds manager Payton Group, BKK Architects, town planners Urbis, and Van der Meer as engineering consultants.

Project architect Simon Knott said, “Our consultant team’s research also shows that the office tower will be a significant driver of economic activity in its own right.

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“This is an exciting project that will capture the imagination of the occupants, the wider community and the industry more broadly,” he said. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to be involved.”

If the plans are approved this will be some much-needed good news for the 1,000 workers it will employ for development and be a motivator for the construction industry.

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“This development will activate a site that has been underutilised for years … [and] be a significant driver of economic activity in its own right.

“The 1 Park Lane development brings to Southport a people-focused design that will bring to life an area of the CBD that is totally underutilised at present,” said Mr Knott.

“Not only are we designing a new Gold Coast benchmark, but we are also creating a new public domain that is very much needed in the area.”

Construction costs have soared by up to 40 per cent, forcing an increasing number of projects to be stalled because they have become financially unfeasible. A previous plan to build a $500 million luxury apartment tower on the beachfront at Surfers Paradise was shelved due to the current turmoil in the building industry.

Gold Coast Councillor Brooke Patterson said the project is a great opportunity for Southport to be recognised for the growth corridor that it is.

“The 1 Park Lane team seem to have embraced this in their submission which our planning officers will now assess,” she said.