Bosch and Gardena establish battery alliance

by | Jul 22, 2020

Bosch Power Tools is opening up its 18 V battery platform of the “Home & Garden” division to other manufacturers. Bosch and Gardena are to form an alliance in future and, together with other leading brands, will offer a cross-brand battery system for products in and around the entire home: “The Power for All Alliance.” The basis of this Alliance is Bosch cordless technology.

“We are opening up our system to other manufacturers, thus offering users more flexibility than ever before. In future, they will be able to use one and the same 18 V battery to operate power tools, garden tools and home appliances from Bosch, as well as products bearing the Gardena, Emmaljunga, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid brand names,” said Henk Becker, President of Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH.

Henk Becker, President of Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH.

This will save users money, space and time when purchasing products from the Power for All Alliance in future. A pile of incompatible batteries and chargers from different brands will therefore be a thing of the past. The common goal is to offer users the largest cross-brand battery system and thus, the widest application range for their home: DIY tools, garden and cleaning tools, home appliances, products for surface coating, for leisure and camping – and many more.

Battery technology from Bosch convinces partners and users alike

Pär Åström, President of Gardena: “Our users are looking for a strong, reliable and versatile battery they can use for many purposes in and around their home and garden. This is why we at Gardena decided to join forces with Bosch to found the Power for All Alliance.” “We are convinced that cordless and, flexible working is the future. The Power for All Alliance is a win-win situation for every- one,” confirmed Markus Kress, President and owner of Gloria House and Garden.

Bosch continues to adhere to the backwards compatibility until 2007, which is important for the user: The more than 20 million Bosch batteries for 18 V DIY and garden tools that are already on the market will remain compatible like the corresponding chargers. Bosch already offers a broad portfolio of cordless DIY and garden tools, and will systematically expand it in the coming years.

Gardena is converting its entire 18 V product range to the Alliance battery system for the coming gardening season. All other partners are either already represented on the market by solutions powered by Bosch batteries or are gradually expanding their product range. In the Power for All Alliance, the companies will jointly drive forward the new flexibility for the entire home in future.

The opening and expansion of the cordless segment creates substantial added- value for the user and is an important growth driver for Bosch. “The demand for cordless tools is increasing continuously. In five years down the road, their share will already have risen from about 40 to 60 percent. The investment in our battery system is an investment in the future,” said Henk Becker. The establishment of the Alliance is the prelude to a partnership with strong brands. Further manufacturers are already under discussion.

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