Brisbane’s SIM-PAC conference 2024

by | Feb 26, 2024

Recently, Responsible Wood Sustainability Manager, Matt de Jongh, visited Brisbane for SIM-PAC 2024 to strengthen partnerships and advocate for sustainable practices within the timber industry, Timberbiz reported. His agenda included meetings with key industry players and participation in the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific Conference (SIM-PAC) 2024 which took place over the 14th–16th of February.

Platinum Timbers Damon Goodwin Internal Sales Ben Kennedy Area Manager Jackie Goodwin Director and Brett Beanland Area Manager with Responsible Wood Sustainability Manager Matt de Jongh

During his visit, Mr De Jongh had a notable meeting with Platinum Timber, a leading timber supplier committed to responsible and sustainable practices and a holder of the Responsible Wood certificate. He discussed the importance of Responsible Wood certification with Platinum Timber’s Director, Peter Kennedy, who agreed on its increasing importance within the industry.

“At Platinum Timber, we believe in the significance of responsible wood sourcing, ensuring that our products contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future,” he said.

Platinum Timber has been a pioneer in promoting environmentally conscious timber sourcing. Their dedication aligns with Responsible Wood’s mission to ensure responsible forest management worldwide.

Responsible Wood’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Jonathan Tibbits, stressed the value of collaborating with an organisation such as Platinum Timber.

“Platinum Timber not only promotes the sustainable and responsible use of timber but has demonstrated this for many years,” he said.

Mr. de Jongh was a keynote speaker at the SIM-PAC conference held in Brisbane in which he used the platform to highlight the pivotal role of responsible wood practices in industrial manufacturing processes.

“Conferences like SIM-PAC provide a platform to share insights and innovations in sustainable manufacturing. Responsible wood sourcing is an integral part of creating a more environmentally friendly industrial sector,” he said.

The SIM-PAC conference serves as a nexus for professionals in sustainable industrial manufacturing, facilitating discussions on eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge technologies.

During his visit, Mr de Jongh and Chief Executive Officer of Responsible Wood, Simon Dorries, met with Sebastian Jaimes from Rothoblaas who is a global leader in providing sustainable solutions for timber construction. The meeting aimed to foster collaboration and exchange ideas on advancing sustainable practices in the timber industry.

“Engaging with industry leaders like Rothoblaas is crucial for driving positive change. Together, we can elevate the standards of sustainability in timber construction,” Mr Dorries said.

Mr Jaimes echoed the sentiment, emphasising Rothoblaas’ commitment to developing innovative solutions that prioritise environmental responsibility.

During his visit to Brisbane, Mr. de Jongh highlighted the growing trend towards responsible and sustainable practices in the timber industry. These partnerships and engagements underscore the collective commitment to creating a more environmentally conscious future for the timber sector.