Bunnings App locates products for customers in-store

by | Jul 14, 2020

Bunnings recently released a navigation app which not only informs customers which aisle products are located in, but also assists in making shopping lists and then locating products for customers once in store, according to a recent Daily Mail report.

Although the Bunnings ‘Product Finder App’ was released two months ago, it seems customers are only just discovering the app and are calling it a “life saver”.

While some customers discovered the app through word of mouth, others were informed by Bunnings staff members because it saves customers time having to locate a staff member and then find the product they are looking for. Customers simply need to set the app at their particular store as every store is different.

Customers said it was invaluable if they sent someone to the store to buy a product for them and they could just direct them to the aisle the product was located in.

Many Australians were surprised by the app’s existence and were preparing to download it for themselves, according to the Daily Mail report.

“This would have been helpful over my last 12 months of renovations and the numerous trips back and forth, it would have saved me so much time,” one customer commented online.

Released in May, the app has the ability to group products customers want into ‘low to high aisles’ so customers can tick off each item in the store in the order of the aisles they walk past, without mindlessly traipsing around.