Bunnings called to ban dogs after fatal mauling

by | Feb 3, 2021

Bunnings customers are now calling for all dogs to be banned from entering stores after fatal mauling attack recently, when an unrestrained Pitbull attacked and killed a smaller animal in the Bunnings’ garden section in Stafford, in Brisbane’s north.

The smaller dog could not be saved after it was rushed to an emergency vet and has now sparked outrage on social media, with Bunnings customers asking why any pets, other than assistance dogs are allowed inside the hardware chain, according to a recent 7 News report.

Bunnings Area Manager Patrick Blair said the team had reminded the Pitbull owner of Bunnings’ store guidelines before they entered the store, according to the report.

“We have been in touch with the other owner to offer support and our thoughts are with them. We thank our team for the calm and professional way that they handled the situation,” Mr Blair said.

While dogs are welcome at Bunnings stores nationwide, company policy stipulates the animals must be “friendly” and need to be secured safely in a vehicle or trolley, on a lead and wearing a muzzle or are being carried.

Sunrise Broadcaster, Justin Smith recently lashed out at the owner of the unleased Pitbull, saying it would be a shame to ban every dog and punish every owner just because of one idiot.

Sunrise co-host, Samantha Armytage, agreed dogs should not be banned from Bunnings.

Bunnings Dog

Source: www.facebook.com/dogsbunnings/

“You go there on the weekends and you take your dog because it is a nice day out. Banjo (her Labrador) runs around and all the staff are wonderful to him. It must just be horrific to see this happen to your pet,” she said in the 7 News report.

Bunnings have even dedicated a Facebook page to Bunnings’ dog owners, called ‘Dogs of Bunnings’, which is dedicated to customers’ pups that wander down Bunning’s aisles. However, this could all change if customers call for a ban or stricter rules around dogs entering the Big Box.