CFMEU South Australia warns against prolonged industry shutdown

by | Nov 19, 2020

A prolonged shutdown of the construction industry in South Australia will hurt workers and damage the economy warns CFMEU SA.

The union understands the government’s caution and the need to get on top of the coronavirus outbreak, but the construction industry has shown it can safely operate during the pandemic, Andrew Sutherland CFMEU SA Secretary said recently.

“The union understands the importance of getting the virus under control. Since the pandemic began the construction industry has put in place hygiene and safety measures to ensure the industry can remain open and COVID-safe,” he said.

“The Marshall Government needs to work with the industry to find ways to keep construction going, as it has done safely and successfully around the country throughout 2020. Even at the height of the pandemic crisis with hundreds of cases being reported daily, the construction industry in Victoria did not shut down completely.”

“Shutting the industry down entirely in SA beyond this six-day lockdown would put an unnecessary strain on an industry that is already hurting and do long-term damage to the SA economy. The six-day shutdown announced today will be a blow to workers in the lead up to Christmas and the end of the year and the SA government needs to consider the impact on workers and their families and how to support them during this time,” Mr Sutherland said.