CSS announces new Group General Manager

by | Nov 21, 2022

Ryan Wiggins.

Ryan Wiggins – CSS Group General Manager.
Image source: www.unitedtools.com.au

Construction Supply Specialists Pty Ltd (CSS) has announced a new Group General Manager to replace long-term Manager Director Jeff Wellard, who is stepping down from his role after 51 years in the industry.

Ryan Wiggins has accepted the role as CSS Group General Manager, with his former role as United Tools General Manager seeing him very well credentialed for the new position.

Mr Wiggins’ role will be pivotal in managing ‘the new guard’ and will include introducing several changes to the CSS group including new technologies and sales strategies.

Speaking exclusively to AHJ, Mr Wellard said Mr Wiggins will be ably supported by CSS Operations Manager Glenn Waites, CSS Marketing Manager Paul Davy and their respective teams.

“For me, my tenure as Managing Director is coming to a rapid close as my retirement plans come into play. Timing, as they say, is everything and right now CSS is undergoing ‘a changing of the guard’ with a stream of younger people becoming involved within the group from the top down. The recent addition of several new and forward-thinking members has rebooted and re-energised CSS and augers well in the plans that the group has for the future.”

“We are looking forward to Ryan quickly settling into this important role. He will be known to many in the industry as he has been around for a while and is very well credentialed. CSS is in a very strong position in all aspects of what a group should be and there are some exciting possibilities on the table right now. We will all have to wait and see if they turn into realities and, that is a story for another time,” Mr Wellard said.

While Mr Wellard says it is not easy to step down after 51 years in the industry, “I know that the infusion of new, younger members and a new, more tech-savvy person at the top is exactly what CSS needs if it is going to stay totally relevant in this tough part of the market.”

“Thank you to everyone who has worked with us to this point and be assured that CSS will continue to be the ‘name behind the names’ as it continues its upward trajectory,” Mr Wellard said.