Emphasising Responsible Wood at the Impact X Summit

by | May 7, 2024

Australia’s premier gathering for climate and nature advocates, the Impact X Sydney Summit, was held on 22-23 April where Responsible Wood Chief Executive Officer, Simon Dorries, and Sustainability Manager, Matt de Jongh, took the stage. Known for its call to action on urgent climate measures, the summit presents an opportunity to emphasise the critical importance of certified sustainable forest management in combating climate change.

“It is imperative that we amplify the message of certified sustainable forestry practices. Construction accounts for approximately 30 per cent of global carbon emissions and sustainably grown timber products are the best short-term opportunity available at scale to reduce emissions in the construction sector. Our attendance at Impact X reflects our unwavering commitment to driving positive environmental change,” Mr Dorries said.

Mr de Jongh emphasised the crucial role of responsible supply chains in achieving sustainability goals.

“At Responsible Wood, we recognise the interconnectedness of our actions with global environmental health. By promoting responsible sourcing and forest management, we contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come,” he said.

The Impact X Sydney Summit’s focus on short-term action aligns perfectly with Responsible Wood’s mission.

“We are not just talking about lofty goals; we are implementing tangible strategies for change. This summit provides a platform for collaboration and innovation, essential components in our fight against climate change,” Mr Dorries said.

The central point of Responsible Wood’s message is the significance of working together.

“We cannot achieve sustainability in isolation. It requires a collective effort from governments, industries, and communities worldwide. Impact X offers a forum for forging alliances and sharing best practices,” Mr Dorries said.

Reflecting on the significance of their participation, Mr de Jongh said their presence at Impact X underscored Responsible Wood’s leadership in sustainable forestry by engaging with stakeholders at such a prominent event.

“We aim to leave a lasting impression. Our goal is to ignite a spark of environmental consciousness and encourage others to join us in our mission for a greener, more sustainable future,” Mr Dorries concluded.