German home improvement retailer launches video call app for customers

by | Jun 26, 2020

By Christine Bannister.

German home improvement retailer, OBI, recently launched its new heyOBI app allowing customers to video call stores for advice on practically any DIY project.

Customers may also use the app if they are looking for a specific product in-store and need to source advice, or even seek inspiration for a DIY project, according to

Customers can access the app via iOS and Android, to source DIY inspiration tailor made to their own living situation, order the products for projects and then be guided through step-by-step instructions to implement the project at home.

The app may be used to seek step-by-step instructions on most DIY projects including laying laminate, painting wooden windows and cleaning and maintaining garden furniture. Products available in-store will also be suggested for specific projects within the app.

If users are still at the beginning of the planning phase for their project, they may also source advisory texts which will provide information such as popular worktops for the kitchen or workshops on products they can use to build furniture themselves. If users still have any questions, they can utilise digital consultants also available via the heyOBI app.

Consultation appointments can also be made via the app, as well as video calls with hardware store employees, which is particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, practically bringing a consultant to the user’s home.

For individual questions and problems, users simply click on ‘Consultant’ in the app. This selection allows the user to source the OBI team of experts who are well versed in all DIY areas (including gardening and landscaping, painting and varnishing).

Experts also supply tailor-made material lists for specific projects via the app, with most frequently asked questions also published.

One of the most helpful tools on the app is the time-saving feature which assists customers to navigate their way through the hardware store itself, leading them to desired products in the shortest possible way, using their own shopping list.

OBI has successfully expanded its market leadership in Central European countries and introduced numerous innovations for customers in recent years and plans to continue expanding its offer throughout 2020 and beyond.