Hardware shopping frenzy as virus lockdown takes hold

by | Mar 23, 2020

Australian shoppers are now emptying hardware stores of paint, home improvement and garden items as they head into a DIY virus lockdown, according to a recent news.com.au report.

Hardware customers have already emptied stores of primarily paint, home improvement and garden items as they head into a DIY virus lockdown, which could go on for weeks or even months, according to recent reports by the Federal Government.

For now, hardware independents and big boxes will stay open during the lockdown, according to advice from the Federal Government.

As the reality of staying at home sunk in, customers poured into hardware stores, snapping up products so they can complete renovations and restorations while working from home during the coronavirus shutdown.

Bunnings Managing Director, Mike Schneider told news.com.au that many customers were saying they had “projects to do … around the home and it will provide a useful physical and mental distraction to the challenges of extended periods of time at home”.

Some of the usually well-stocked shelves in the gardening section of Bunnings Alexandria had been depleted on Saturday, with food bearing plants such as strawberries and vegetables vanishing, according to the report.

“We are working with our suppliers to increase supply and replenish our seedling stocks as soon as they become available,” Bunnings National Plants Buyer, Alex Newman told news.com.au.

Customers were seen stacking up plants, along with several bags of soil and wheeling them out to the carpark, according to the report.

Also going fast were face masks used by home handypersons or tradies when completing jobs such as sanding or paint stripping, however it is unclear if these masks were being bought for virus protection.

Mr Schneider said Bunnings “understands the importance that a reliable supply of key products is to both DIY and trade customers who are supporting local communities, particularly with emergency repairs and maintenance”.