Home Hardware – ‘It all starts at Home’

by | Jun 22, 2022

Home Hardware has recently undergone a ‘spruce up’ with refreshed creative that pays homage to its strengths in DIY. As part of the new campaign, the national hardware brand has launched a new tagline – ‘It all starts at Home’.

Home Hardware - It all starts at Home

Alongside the new tagline, the Independent Hardware Group (IHG) reiterates that, “For local advice at the right price – it all starts at Home. For solutions to your renovation challenge – it all starts at Home”.IHG’s General Manager of Marketing Karen Fahey says, “the new positioning encapsulates what the majority of Home Hardware stores now stand for – mostly regionally based, multi-faceted stores that have to be everything to everyone in their local area”.

“With a growing network of 150 stores around Australia, all family-owned and run and many having recently rebadged from Thrifty or True Value, we saw the opportunity to re-energise Home’s positioning. The new statement talks directly to our customer base about what to expect from their local Home Hardware store – the idea generation, the confidence to embark on that project, the tools to get a quality finish, the peace of mind of dealing with locals – there is no end to how we can flex this statement to suit our messaging.”

“And where there is Home Hardware, there is Rusty and Sandy as mainstays of the brand persona. The new execution continues to build on the legacy of affection that these two rogues have built up over many years,” Ms Fahey said.

The Home Hardware brand has seen a significant evolution in recent years, according to Ms Fahey, particularly as a leading convenience hardware supplier that is strong in DIY with curated trade, as well as building solutions to suit each store’s local community.

“It is an exciting time that we are embarking on – we are investing in Home Hardware as a strong second brand within the IHG family. To date, we have already seen 30 stores convert to Home, owners who recognise the genuine opportunity to future proof their business by changing brands. To not only access a wider marketing program but also be part of a strong recognisable brand to help their value and range perception,” Ms Fahey said.

The campaign includes refreshed new creative across all brand elements, including in-store, catalogues, online, social media as well as new radio and TV commercials.