JOLT Fast EV charging network for NZ

by | May 18, 2022

Jolt fast EV ( electric vehicle ) charger

JOLT’s EV Charger – Port Road, Adelaide in South Australia.

Australian-based global electric vehicle charging company JOLT will begin rolling out a network of fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers across New Zealand in July, with the first EV fast chargers to be installed at Mitre 10 New Zealand stores and retail locations in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

JOLT’s national partnership with Mitre 10 will see the first charger sites go live in July with plans for hundreds of chargers to be rolled out over the coming years.

EV drivers will have access to seven kilowatts of free charging per day at JOLT fast chargers, providing about 40 to 50 kilometres of range depending on the type of vehicle. This model of JOLT’s charging service helps solve the major barriers to the uptake of EVs which are known to include access to charging, cost and range anxiety.

Mitre 10 Chief Legal and Property Officer Grant Fraser said that if Mitre 10 was to make a real and sustainable impact, both public and private sector partners needed to collaborate more to find solutions.

Mitre 10 Chief Legal and Property Officer Grant Fraser said 39 Mitre 10 stores throughout New Zealand are set to install JOLT charging stations.

“The Mitre 10 co-operative is proud to be contributing to New Zealand’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions through this partnership with JOLT. Thirty-nine of Mitre 10 New Zealand’s 84 locally owned stores will have JOLT charging stations installed over time.”

“Mitre 10 customers will be able to plug in their EVs for a free top-up while they are doing their shopping. Providing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations is also another way we can continue to enhance our customers’ shopping experience with us,” Mr Fraser said.

JOLT Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Doug McNamee, said he was excited to partner with Mitre 10 to contribute to New Zealand’s commitment to carbon emission reduction goals and meet the growing need for EV in New Zealand.

“JOLT is investing in New Zealand as there is strong momentum within the market to change to an EV. Through our partnerships with the leading retail brands and the local governments in New Zealand, we want to create a large and leading EV charging network that provides the best charging experience for all EV drivers in New Zealand,” Mr McNamee said.

JOLT New Zealand Country Manager, Chris Monaghan, said that JOLT would invest and develop an urban focused EV fast-charging network that will align with local and central government climate emissions targets and help increase the uptake of EV’s in New Zealand.

“We are selecting charger locations based on where it is most convenient for EV drivers within the urban areas so we do not disrupt their routine. Drivers pull up, plug in and are on their way in 20 minutes, receiving up to seven kilowatts free per day, saving over $1000 a year by charging with JOLT,” he said.

“With fast DC EV charging, drivers can enjoy the retail facilities of our partners and then go about their day. An EV driver can charge for free every day which takes about 20 to 25 minutes or choose to charge over the free charge at the lowest charge rates in New Zealand.”

“We are delighted to launch with such an iconic brand like Mitre 10. Starting with Mitre 10 and rolling out the service on such a prominent network of stores in New Zealand, you will quickly see the JOLT network grow even more with new partners coming onboard as we continue to grow throughout New Zealand. It is a really exciting time to be making a positive impact on New Zealand’s carbon emissions goals now and into the future,” Mr Monaghan, said.


Jolt fast EV ( electric vehicle ) charger

JOLT’s EV charger with indicative location positioning.

JOLT is currently working with Mitre 10 on the installation of its first chargers in Auckland.