Knauf Australia becomes Siniat

by | Jul 26, 2021

SiniatLeading lightweight construction company, Knauf, recently rebranded to ‘Siniat’ in Australia, following ownership changes which saw the global Knauf Group sell its shareholding in Knauf Australia to Etex.

Etex is a family-owned global building materials business, and to bring Knauf within Etex’s brand portfolio, this month it was integrated under the company’s Siniat banner – one of Etex’s key commercial brands.

The Siniat product line-up which includes plasterboard, speciality linings, cornices, metal framing systems and acoustic linings and ceiling tiles, remains unchanged. The Siniat range will also continue to be produced in the same manufacturing facilities and to the same performance standards; it will also continue to be backed by the same warranties and be supported by the same dedicated staff.

Siniat Marketing Manager, Stephanie Olsen, said that in many ways the Siniat offer to customers would be the same as previously, but in several ways it would be better.

“We are excited to have launched this global brand in Australia, and have adopted the creative theme of ‘Same, Same, Better’, which allows us to emphasise all that is great about our business: our people, products and technical solutions – these fundamentals remain,” Ms Olsen said.

“But in making things better, our position as a technical design partner to our customers, will be bolstered with new systems and solutions, with full details now available in the new edition of our ‘Blueprint Technical Manual’, available online at Siniat.Solutions,” she said.

Siniat Sales Director, George Mamic, said the rebrand provided a great opportunity to emphasise the company’s relationship-based approach to clients.

“One of the benefits in dealing with Siniat is that we are genuinely engaged and listen to our customers when developing their ceiling and walling solutions,” Mr Mamic said.

“This changeover was the ideal timing to explore how as a company we could be a better partner, because stronger relationships provide better building outcomes. We are very pleased at the prospect of being able to deliver more benefits for customers around the key areas of: improved systems, broader sustainability initiatives that contribute to a healthier environment, and higher service and support levels,” he said.

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