Lowe’s transform Piedmont campus Boys and Girls Club

by | Jan 12, 2024

The Boys and Girls Club of the Piedmont logoThe Boys and Girls Club of the Piedmont in Statesville, North Carolina recently experienced a transformative change, thanks to the generous Lowe’s Hometown Grant. The significant gift has provided the creation of a new playground on the Club’s main campus. With more than 25 associates volunteering an entire day, the team was able to resurface the basketball court, sow grass, plant trees, and, most importantly, provide a much-needed renovation on the Club’s playground.

“We are at maximum capacity at our Boys and Girls Clubs. We have about 376 kids enrolled in our afterschool program, and one of the main goals is to provide a safe environment in place for the kids. So having access to a good, safe place to come and be and run and play is vitally important during those formative years when these children are growing up and forming friendships and learning through play,” Clarissa Young, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club Piedmont said.

The old playground’s initial installation took place back in 2009 when the building was first constructed. However, deterioration over the years rendered the playground equipment unusable for the last few years. The revitalization effort led by Lowe’s is breathing new life into this space, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for the children.

However, the impact of the new playground is not just physical as it holds sentimental value for many of those involved. Amy Christenbury, a Lowe’s Store Manager, said that the Boys and Girls Club has a special place as it was where they spent most of their childhood. 

“All summers, my mom would drop me off while she was on her way to work, my brother and I, and spent all day at the Boys and Girls Club. We built lifelong friendships, we learned a lot of life lessons, and it just makes me so proud as a Lowe’s associate to be able to work for a company that is investing in an organization that helped mould me as a person,” Amy Christenbury, Lowe’s Store Manager, Mocksville said.

Investing in organizations like the Boys and Girls Club reflects Lowe’s commitment to positively impacting the community and creating lasting memories for the children and families who benefit from these transformations.

“I tell people this: Lowe’s is the best example of corporate citizenship that I am aware of, and I really mean that. When I was superintendent, I got to work with many companies, but you guys are the gold standards,” Brady Johnson, Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club Piedmont said.

Due to the age and compromised structural integrity of the playground, children had not been able to use the equipment since 2019. But thanks to Lowe’s and its associates they have not only replaced the old playground but beautified the entire club area to make it more welcoming and enjoyable. Now the children can use the new playground and learn through play – safely and happily.