Major industry bodies collaborate to protect the building and construction industry

by | Jul 13, 2020

CFMEU VIC/TAS, Master Builders Victoria and industry partner Incolink are now successfully working together to ensure continued protection of building and construction industry.

COVID-19 testing via on-site Incolink mobile clinics will remain a top priority to ensure the health and safety of all workers, with over 6,000 tests on more than 100 building and construction sites conducted so far.

Early adaptation to the current climate by way of hygiene, safety and physical distancing rules has ensured the building and construction industry remains safe and operational during this time, with the testing clinics further bolstering these measures.

Incolink Chief Executive Officer, Erik Locke emphasised just how important the initiative has been and will continue to be, in keeping the sector in action.

“The health and safety of workers is paramount and that is why we acted so quickly to roll out testing. We are pleased asymptomatic workers are voluntarily agreeing to be tested, protecting themselves and their colleagues,” Mr Locke said.

Victorian Treasurer, Tim Pallas, has also highlighted the State Government’s support of the collaborative commitment of building and construction industry partners in a formal letter written to the industry, stating, “I thank the industry for their continued support in making workplaces safe and reducing the risk of coronavirus. This is integral to ensuring the ongoing operation of the construction sector.”

CFMEU VIC/TAS Secretary, John Setka also highlighted the importance of continuing to test amidst reintroduced lockdowns in Victoria.

“We thank all members who have been tested and encourage everyone to keep doing their part by getting tested and following the guidelines we have put in place like physical distancing, good hygiene and staggered break times.”

Master Builders Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Casson highlighted the importance of everyone following the measures put into place so far.

“Ongoing confidence and certainty in the building and construction industry is vital during these unprecedented times. All parties will continue to work collaboratively to successfully lead our industry through this pandemic and to ensure the protection of livelihoods and community health, which is of the upmost priority,” she said.

The building and construction industry contributes to 45 per cent of the state’s tax revenue and employs over 300,000 workers in Victoria. Maintaining workers health and safety is vital to ensure the continuation of our industry and the support of our economy.

Builders and workers are encouraged to email the following address for testing enquiries:

For further information regarding the Mobile clinics, visit: