Makita unveils the latest for hot lunches on any job site

by | May 2, 2023

Makita Microwave Oven on jobsite

The Japanese tool manufacturing company, Makita has unveiled its latest product, a cordless, rechargeable microwave oven for on-the-go hot lunches. The MW001G can deliver 500 Watts of power for up to eight minutes to heat tradies’ lunches, without needing to be connected to a socket. The microwave oven is currently only available in Japan but has already caused much interest in Australia and overseas.

Weighing at around 8.8 kilograms, the portable microwave oven can easily be carried to the worksite, campsite or charging point with an additional shoulder strap also available for purchase. Makita says it can hold a large lunchbox with a storage capacity of eight litres, and internal dimensions of 255 x 12 x 241 millimetres.

Makita Microwave Oven being carried

“Because it is a flat table, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also perfect for meals on-site and in the car, and for disaster preparedness,” the company said, according to the Daily Mail.

The microwave has space for two 40 Volt lithium-ion battery packs, but only needs one to function, so the other can be used as a backup. When both are used, however, it gives the oven enough power to reheat around 11 lunch boxes or 20 cups of coffee. Inputting batteries with higher capacity can extend this battery life though.

Two 2.5 Amp hour packs give up to eight minutes of cooking time, but two 33.5 Amp hour packs increase this by nearly an hour and a half. It can also be switched between providing 500 Watts and 350 Watts of power – depending on whether the user wants to conserve its charge.

But the MW001G is not just a microwave, it is also a portable phone charger. On the back is a dedicated USB slot that allows the owner to use its powerful batteries to charge other devices, with a maximum output of 2.4 Amps. The top has a display that shows the operating time and battery life, and four buttons that turn it on, start cooking, stop cooking and switch between the two power modes.

USB Devices can be charged from the Makita Microwave