MGATMA welcomes members to new brand identity

by | Jan 2, 2024

In their excitement to announce the launch of the new master brand company name, logo, and new website, MGA Independent Businesses Australia and MGATMA Timber Merchants Australia released a statement to clarify some of the details.


One of which is that it may not have been apparent to MGATMA members that their brand logo has been improved also as part of the continuing brand advancement.

“Our new brand identity is MGA Independent Businesses Australia, comprising a new logo, colour schemes, and typography. MGATMA Timber Merchants Australia has now become Timber & Hardware Australia,” the statement says.

“MGA and MGATMA have been evolving for many years, and it was time for a rebranding of our identity that represents our future. We examined our organisational mission, purpose, and values and developed a brand identity that delivers those values.”

“Our new brand identity represents a more contemporary name and modern appearance and encapsulates MGA’s priority for inclusion across all our industry sectors.”

To propel the brand forward, each industry segment now has its own sub-brand logo, residing under the master brand – MGA Independent Businesses Australia. The new sub-brands that fall under the master brand, MGA Independent Businesses Australia, are Timber & Hardware Australia, Grocery & Supermarkets Australia, and Liquor Retailers Australia.

“We are also pleased to announce the launch of our new website. The new site is available at This is where you will find all your resources for Timber & Hardware Australia. There is no longer a dedicated website for MGATMA,” the statement says.

“Our goal with the new website is to provide members and visitors with an easier way to learn about MGA’s services and resources and enable a visitor to browse information based on their industry and/or area of interest.”

In the next stage, the master brand will establish the member portal, so members can download information directly, together with a suite of new business resources. Other forthcoming new features will include integrated social media to foster improved communications with its members.

“We hope you find the new website fresh with easy-to-access information. We believe our new brand represents a critically important next step for MGA maturity and multi-industry membership base,” the statement concluded.