Mitre 10 repositions its brand – ‘The Other Hardware Store’

by | May 30, 2022

Delicate DIY Problem? We can help. Mitre 10 the other hardware store. Mighty helpful Mitre 10

Mitre 10 has fired off a reminder to consumers that there is an alternative place to shop for hardware after it recently repositioned its brand as ‘The other hardware store’.

With over 350 stores across Australia, many family-owned and run for generations, Mitre 10 is the second-largest hardware network in Australia. The team not only pride themselves on the quality of the products they supply, but also the personalised service and expertise they give to their customers.

In developing a new brand positioning, the group has leaned into its strengths including a significant following of builders and loyalty rewards shoppers who recognise the value of shopping at Mitre 10. However, Mitre 10 has also recognised that there is a vast pool of people interested in DIY that do not always consider Mitre 10 when they think of hardware.

“The research shows that many Australians are on autopilot where they shop for their DIY needs, and while Mitre 10 is known for service and quality of range amongst existing customers, we are often not considered in the moment of hardware store choice by people unfamiliar with our brand,” Mitre 10’s General Manager of Marketing. Karen Fahey said recently

DIY? We’ve got you covered. Mitre 10 the other hardware store. Mighty helpful Mitre 10

“They are missing out – we can give them solutions to their home improvement challenges on their first trip,” Ms Fahey said.

‘The Other Hardware Store’ is Mitre 10’s new creative campaign to be launched this week, developed by Dig Creative who were appointed as the lead agency for the national hardware brand in late 2021.

Our staff are always easy to find. Look you found one. Mitre 10 the other hardware store. Mighty helpful Mitre 10

“It is a cheeky reminder that there is an ‘other’ choice for hardware in Australia, while also telling the Mitre 10 story of service, expertise and the unique connection our stores have to their community,” Ms Fahey added.

“We are different and proud of it. This is an open invite to all of Australia to experience hardware another way – in-store or online. Because the grass is not just greener on the other side…it is blue!”

“Builders and the trade understand the value that Mitre 10 brings to their daily lives – expertise that we have built up over generations can save them time and money. We saw an opportunity to engage with those less familiar with our brand. To stop them in their tracks and let them know what is so special about the ‘other’ store. It is disruptive, fun and memorable. We don’t take ourselves seriously but we take our customers very seriously and we take immense pride in the particular care and attention we give them,” Ms Fahey said.

Dedicated trade teams so you're in & out quickly. Mitre 10 the other hardware store. Mitre 10 Trade

Creative Director at Dig, Peter Cerny added that the new campaign challenges the category by embracing Australian’s love of the underdog.

“The campaign cleverly plays-off the salience of the bigger brand, whilst not poking at it. Developing a distinctive and relatable tone was a real opportunity for Mitre 10 to standout in a category that tends to be bland and impersonal,” Mr Cerny said.

The integrated campaign will run across all major media channels and online, as well as at the grassroots level via store channels.

Trust is everything. We have dedicated Trade teams for your business. The other hardware store. Mitre 10 Trade


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