More than four in five Aussie businesses buy Australian Made

by | Feb 2, 2024

New research from Roy Morgan shows Australian businesses are prioritising locally made products, with more than four in five stating they buy Australian-made goods wherever possible.

Roy Morgan is an independent Australian social and political market research and public opinion statistics company headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria that helps to understand audiences for increased operating and service.

 The research surveyed business decision-makers from a cross-section of Australian industries and found the key drivers behind the ‘Australian first’ attitude were down to value for money and better quality products.

Australian Made Chief Executive Ben Lazzaro said the research demonstrated businesses understood the importance and benefits of buying authentic Australian Made products.

“Businesses know that by buying Australian, not only do you get products manufactured to some of the highest quality and safety standards in the world, you also help to create local jobs, strengthen local manufacturing capabilities and access to local customer service and after-sales support. You also get the certainty of local delivery timeframes in an uncertain global shipping market,” said Mr Lazzaro.

All businesses that participated in the survey recognised the Australian Made logo, with 85 per cent confident that products displaying the iconic green and gold kangaroo symbol were in fact made or grown in Australia. It also found that 67 per cent of companies were more likely to purchase from a business with the mark.

“As Australia’s only registered country of origin certification trademark, the Australian Made logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It is Australia’s most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol and is central to the sales and marketing strategies of thousands of Aussie brands,” Mr Lazzaro said.

The research found that economic-related reasons were key for businesses having a policy or preference for buying Australian-made goods, stating supporting local businesses, long-term benefits for the community, the development of Australia’s manufacturing industry, and backing local jobs and employment opportunities as motivations.

Roy Morgan Chief Executive Michele Levine said, “Australia’s business decision-makers value reliability, safety and supporting Australian jobs and the economy. These are all attributes that are highly associated with the Australian Made logo and drive Australian businesses to buy Australian Made wherever they can.”

“Many Australian businesses manufacture Australian-made products themselves and understand the importance of purchasing Australian-made products to support the local economy.”

Surprisingly, rising interest rates and the cost of living crisis have not had an impact on businesses’ decisions to buy locally. A reported 89 per cent of Australian businesses are purchasing the same amount or more Australian-made products as they did before interest rates started rising in May 2022.

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